A significant name for the special offer of a music publisher - because ViolaViva Music Publishing is especially dedicated to chamber music, in which the viola plays an important and partly «newly staged» role.

In addition to a number of publications of contemporary compositions - here as first editions - the major part of the ViolaViva editions currently consists of arrangements of both classical-romantic chamber music and Bach piano and organ music for strings.

The growing importance of the viola in recent decades has greatly broadened the spectrum of playing possibilities through a multitude of late romantic and modern works, but also through the publication of forgotten older viola literature. However, these days, arrangements have once again been honoured because they show some completely new charms and beauties that can be derived from the work in the changed instrumentation, i.e. in the different sound of the instruments not intended by the composer.

My transcriptions of the following are a main focus of my work
  • Bach's piano and organ music for strings (duo to quintet),
  • Viola single voices for classical and romantic piano trios (replacing the cello in these),
  • Violasonatas based on violin sonatas by Mozart and Beethoven.

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Score pattern / Sheet music

ViolaViva editions of sheet music have developed from music-making practice for music-making practice. In the majority of the editions, hand-written copies of the voices were already available, with which music was played and the optimal version of the respective transmission was determined before the printing copies in capella notation were produced.

An approach was taken to create a clear and easily readable score. Even more important - especially in piano parts - was the demand for the best possible page turning, even if this narrowed the sheet music a little on some pages. For the same reason, repetitions were written out in individual cases in order to avoid leafing back, or individual pages were left unprinted, or an additional loose page was inserted for stapling.

All scores and parts have bar numbering.

Most editions are provided with a foreword which provides information about the composer and the work as well as the Urtext edition on which they are based, but also explains the special features of the transmission.

All ViolaViva sheet music is stapled. Each edition has a hard-wearing cardboard cover for the piano part, the score or the 1st violin, in which the remaining parts are inserted.

Helmut Pfrommer


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