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Karin Dolman (1967)

for Viola solo


Violist Karin Dolman studied violin and viola at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the Netherlands from 1985 to 1992. There she met pianist Caecilia Boschman. Together they won prizes at several international competitions. Karin Dolman is a specialist in contemporary classical music performance. For 27 years, she enjoyed an eclectic career as part of Rotterdam's DoelenQuartet. Since September 2011, Karin Dolman has been teaching viola at Codarts, the University of the Arts in Rotterdam. She plays an instrument made by Dutch violin maker Jan van der Elst. In 2012, Dolman and a few other violists founded the Dutch Viola Society. Through this society, she organized the successful International Viola Congress 2018 in Rotterdam. In 2020, she became the vice president of the International Viola Society.

Why Pierrot? The lockdowns caused many artists in the Netherlands to feel a pain similar to that of Pierrot, when his love for Columbine went unanswered. The artists expressed their love for culture and were sad to conclude that society did not seem to find comfort through culture during the pandemic. Although my story of Pierrot has no happy end, I am confident there are better days ahead for culture, as long as we strive to make best efforts for the arts! Karin Dolman

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Jacques Eduard Rensburg (1846-1910)
Three pieces, op. 2
for Viola and Piano

Original for Violoncello and Piano
arranged and edited by Wolfgang Birtel
Score and part, BACH-Format (230mm x 302mm), 16 + 8 pages

This arrangement of his Three Pieces op. 2 is based on the first edition published by Gustav Cohen in Bonn in late 1889 or early 1890 (it was advertised in the February 1890 issue of the Hofmeister catalogue). The notation has been modernized, and a few mistakes have been corrected without further comment. The original version has been published by PONTICELLO Edition with the publisher’s number PON 1043 (ISMN 979-0-50208-043-3).
These three charming Romantic miniatures are also ideal for the viola – this is atmospheric music that is perfect for domestic music-making, teaching purposes or as concert encores. Wolfgang Birtel

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The Well-Tempered Clavier · J. S. Bach


The Well-Tempered Clavier Part 1

All two- to five-part movements in a transcription for strings in 6 volumes by Helmut Pfrommer.
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The Well-Tempered Clavier Part 2

All 24 preludes and fugues in a transcription for strings in 6 issues and additional selection by Helmut Pfrommer.
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ViolaViva Music Publishing

Chamber Music for the Viola

A significant name for the special offer of a music publisher - because ViolaViva Music Publishing is especially dedicated to chamber music, in which the viola plays an important and partly «newly staged» role.

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Ernest Hiltenbrand
Interlude I & II, op. 91
for Viola and Piano


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